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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 4, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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suspected of killing four northern california women, he speaks out from behind bars, send p sending a letter exclusively to kron news. hear why he says that the media has is wrong. and a night on the town turns against a major allegation against pablo sandz a developing story out of oakland. police in a standoff with a suspect who shot at a sheriff deputy. we are live. and we start with a developing news out of oakland. the sheriff says that one of
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their officers was forced to fire when a suspect shot at him and barricaded himself inside the home. the suspect is holed up in a home near high and jensen street in oakland near the high street onramp to 880. police say they are treating this as a hostage situation. reggie is on the scene with what led up to all of this. >> reporter: that suspect who is on the home on 500 high street has a male resident in custody. he will not let that resident go. we were told moments ago by oakland police he did allow and woman and child to leave the home. police say that the male inside the home with that suspect considered a who is standing at this point may know the suspect. now, this all started just after 8:00 tonight. go and take a look at this video. when an alameda county sheriff
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deputy noticed the stolen car, the deputy started chasing the vehicle. a high-speed chase began. two suspects inside the vehicle bailed out and here is what happened next. >> at the intersection of jensen and high street, the suspect got out of his car, fired rounds at the deputy. buses are running in oakland and he was on international boulevard, which is the main thorough fare for the buses and that's where he happened to be at the time. >> the investigation has been turned over to oakland police. they are currently negotiateingwith that suspect. he is considered armed and dangerous. right now, they do have hostage negotiators at that home trying to coax the suspect out of that house. i'm told that police do know who this suspect is. they are not releasing his name at this point because that's a very delicate situation because there is a who isage inside.
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remi kumar, kron 4 news. accused killer 78-year-old jo self naso wrote a letter to kron 4 saying that prosecutors had it all wrong. he is innocent. police say he murdered four northern california prostitutes over a 30-year span. two of the women were found in the bay area, one in marin county, the fourth one in contra costa county. these are pictures of the four wills. their bodies were dumped in a rural area. in a story you see only on kron for, kate tomorrowian thompson is here to tell us what -- kate thompson is here to tell us what he those say. gee wants to set his story straight. he did it in a two and a half handwritten letter. he says there is no evidence
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that he killed these women. 78-year-old naso wrote this what he calls the true story. prosecutors say that they found dna on a fuse used to strangle an 18-year-old. he said if this was true, all it proves is that someone got a hold of her panty hose incontinuing saying that women used painty hose can be found in trash cans, dumpsters. he says his dna was found in another panty hose of another victory saying that all that proves is that she had sex with him a few days before she was killed. police seized thousands of photos from his home. he says that the prosecution is harping on the fact that one of the victims modeled for him which he says proves nothing. he continues on saying that his
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sean sewell or erotic photography was always performed with knowledge and consent. he says that prosecutors are spending millions snooping for facts, searching the country for women who i have own or dated and who may have modeled for mow and who may contribute in their deficient case against me. he says that true and convincing evidence is lacking >> reporter: what he has said in his letter is that there are more letters to come. maybe we will get more letters from him as we get closer to his trial which is in november. >> at some ., prosecutors may well be interested in those letter as well. >> yes. pablo sandoval, the third baseman for the san francisco giants under investigation for the sexual assault of a 21-year- old woman from santa cruz. sandoval was in a stockton play -- was in took stop today playing for the giants minor league team as he recovers from a previous injury.
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kron tried to get his reaction to the accusations but he walked away without answering specifics. the accusations come from a 21- year-old santa cruz woman. she said he met sandoval in a bar. she and sandoval went to the sea scape beach resort where the alleged incident happened. sandoval's attorney says that the sex was consentual. now the santa cruz county sheriff department is investigating before they can decide whether charges can be filed. three people were hurt when a muni train took down some power lines. the accident happened just about 4:00 near market and fifth street, the very busy intersection. a train passing down knocked down live power lines which fell on three people below. they were transported to the hospital with minor injuries. muni was disrupted for several hours. the incident is now under
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investigation to determine if it was equipment error or human error. an entirely new ferry service added to the bay area. we'll show you where it goes and where it's free for now. the facebook stocks down nearly 30%. why facebook stocks took a dip and why they may turn to children under 13 to bring them out of this slump and who jumped ahead? oklahoma city or san antonio in the nba? giants doing their thing against the woeful cubs. graduate, now that your journey begins,
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the new bay area ferry service started today connecting service between the pay and peninsula area. they pick up in alameda and go to jack london square.
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we'll show you the actuality routes. both will go to and from oiser point about a 45 minute here around the bay. kron was there as the first ferry started coming in to south san francisco this morning. there will be three morning rush hour departure from the east bay and two return trips from south san francisco in the evening. commuters who experienced the ferry ride for the first time gave us positive reviews. >> i thought it was wonderful, great experience, enjoyed it. very comfortable. >> it's faster. like i said, roomier and they have hot chocolate, coffee, whatever. >> you are right. >> you are looking at $14 for a round trip ticket but if you decide to use the ferry from now until the end of this week, it's going to be free. the ferry will operate on weekdays only. parking is free and shuttles are available in southsan
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francisco to take riders to their next station. california's ban on same sex marriage will be back in the headlines. details after the break and how it will impact the case against gay marriage in california. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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17-year-old trayvon martin surrendered to police over the weekend. zimmerman's $150,000 bond was revoked bay judge who says he misled the court about his finances. zimmerman was serving as a neighborhood watch volunteer when he shot and killed unarmed teenager trayvon martin in a gated community in sanford, florida, back in february. a federal appeals court in san francisco plans to review tomorrow whether it will reconsider a ruling that struck down the ban on gay marriage. it will go before a panel which include the chief judge and ten randomly celebritiesed judges. back in february, supporters of the ban opted to petition to the full 9th circuit instead of appealing directly to the u.s. supreme court. ban supporters can still go to the nation's high court if the appeals court refuses to grand them a new hearing. facebook stock continues to
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struggle closing at 26.40 today. that's down nearly 30% from its opening price of $38 a share. the social networking site may look towards a younger audience. the wall street journal is reporting that facebook is working on technology to allow tween users, those younger than 13 to use the site under parental supervision. right now, anyone younger than 13 is banned from setting up a facebook profile. gabe slate takes a closer look at facebook's plans for kids and how parents can keep them safe. >> currently, facebook bans children a younger than 13. many kids use the site, anyway, often with their parents' knowledge. a 2011 con summer report found that many use facebook with their parents' knowledge.
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facebook says they know that kids have lied about their age. so they want to create a safe environment for kids. they would have parental controls, programs kids' accounts would be linked to their parents' account and maybe no ads. the company appears to be doing whatever it takes to identify new revenue streams and short term corporate profit to impress spooked investors. this seems tonight issue at center. there is no proof of any meaningful or social educational value of facebook for children under 13 and there are valid concerns about privacy as well as the impact on the social, emotional and cognitive development of children. some parent watchdog group says that what facebook is doing is similar to the strategy used by
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big tobacco. hook early, promote your brand and you have loyal customers. if you are a parent and are concerned, i recommend you check out minor monitor. it's a great free resource. minor monitor is a free web- based tool that gives you quick easy view into the child's narrative and friends. through an intuitive dashboard view, parents can access snapshots or full details and specifics of dangerous activities such as bullying, drug use, destation 2012. tuesday is primary day and you'll have more decisions to make when you head out to vote tomorrow. a new top 2 primary system is being put into place for the first time. the idea is to give voters more options outside of the democratic and republican parties. only the top two vote getters
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tomorrow will advance. californians are making their choices for seats? the state assembly, senate, u.s. senate and congress. our coverage of the california primary election continues on line. we've set up a special section where you can find your polling place and get information about all nine bay area election offices. just go to kron we are under mostly cloudy skies tonight temperatures in the 50s with the exception of 49 in santa rosa, 53 out there in concord. here is a look at storm tracker 4, picking up some showers, light to moderate. we have a mix of rain and snow today in the sierra. winter weather advisory still in place until about 5:00 tomorrow morning. but for us, we are dry. looks like we will be staying dry for the rest of the evening but here what is we got today. rainfall totals, not a whole
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lot. a little over .2 inches. and almost .4. not a whole lot of rain but it is out of here and we are looking for warmer weather. tonight, mostly cloudy, dry and breezy tomorrow, temperatures will be warming up and we will continue to see warming as we head through the week. here what is you can expect for tomorrow. mostly sunny conditions. a lot of 60s out there, 65 for red wood side. for inland, warm along the delta. a few 70s. not very warm but warmer than what we saw today. 63 expected for castro valley. much cooler along the coast line. 57 for ocean beach and 71 in napa. here is the 7-day around the extended forecast and, yes, it will be dry for the rest of the week and so the rain will be out of here. warmer temperatures until about thursday. another system will pass us on
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friday. you'll see a slight warming up temperature. we'll start to see those temperatures rebound by saturday. nice once again with highs in the 80s for our warmest inland locations. look for 70s around the bay and 60s for the coast. no march rain and plenty of sunshine for the rest of your week. in sports, an a's rookie pitcher flirts with the no- hitter. and the veteran san antonio spurs try to go one up on the high flying oklahoma city center. gary is up next. hello?
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good evening, of course. the a's came home with the worst batting average in baseball. and guess what they did against one of the best teams in baseball? they went nuts. this is brandon inge, three-run home run. eight runs in the 2nd inning and the rangers never looked back. jared parker a no-hitter. working into the 8th inning. this is something. a rookie pitcher against the power house rangers. but, then, michael young back through the middle. parker leaves after 8 with one hit. and the a's roll the rangers as they come home from a 1-5 road trip, does oakland with a 12-1 win. giants beating up the teams they should. that means the chicago cubs,
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kids out of school, ready to party and ryan vogelsong's 8- inning, 7 hits. that's why the giants figure not to have any long pitching streak. when you have pitching like, that you are goods. castro, the young shortstop thinks the inning over. giants score in a run. double play in the 7th. and buster posey who walked four times scored his 7th run. that's it. 3-2. they bring out the brooms and everybody is happy. giants are now three games back of the dodgers. dodgers beat the phillies this evening. tomorrow night in san diego, first of three against an equally lousy competitor as the cubs, the padres. baseball's draft produce add big evening for usf. >> with the fifth selection of
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the 2012 first-year player draft, the kansas city royal select kyle zimmer. >> how great is that? the fifth overall pick from the university of san francisco. stanford's mark appel if you picked up some papers, he was going to be the number 1 pick for houston. he is represented by scott boras, the power house agent who wants to drain money out of every franchise. they want to wail in the the 8th. florida prep shortstop, giants picking 20th selected mississippi state pitcher chris stat ton. greg popovich inserts manu ginobili in the lineup. game 5. everyone held served
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but not tonight. oklahoma city on fire. westbrook, 23 points, 12 assists. durant has 27. james hardin. when san antonio made a come back, drains the 3. ginobili with one last chance. nope. that's it. had he a game high 34. thunder on the road can clinch the series in game 6 at home. 102-106 thunder. los angeles kings, wayne gretzky, they brought him back. when he came from edmonton to the kings in the eighties, that put hockey on the map in southern california. kopitar, 2-0, los angeles. and then jeff carter is going to score on the power play. 4-0. kings beat jersey and the kings lead that series 3-0. so that's it. oh, tim tebow is going to attend mark sanchez's quarterback camp and pam and i were joking. pam thinks that's a good
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gesture. >> yes. >> that's the difference you and me. if somebody had something that i want, i keep my distance. [ laughter ]. >> okay. >> i pack the gun and keep my distance.
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